Pedagogical Innovators Awards

Alpine School District is pleased to announce that during the 2014-15 school year,  approximately $300,000 in matching grants will be available for digital age teaching and learning.

These "Pedagogical Innovators Awards" focus on producing replicable models for Bring Your Own Learning Device (BYOLD) implementations as well as other innovative practices which integrate technology in ways that enhance learning in ASD Schools.

Successful grants teach core skills, align to specific learning outcomes, support digital age teaching and learning or represent innovative or promising ideas. Successful Proposals also align with the ISTE Nets Standards for Teachers and fall within one of these areas:

  • BYOLD Education Research: Grantees must demonstrate the direct benefit to student achievement through the use of “best practices” in the use of "real world" apps, eBooks, software, or other Web 2.0 resources in the classroom. Grants may be given to develop/explore the use of apps to address specific learning outcomes/targets in ASD schools.

  • Innovative Technology Grants: This includes Projects designed to increase the district's awareness of new or upcoming technological innovations and how the directly relate to better instruction or student achievement in ASD classrooms. Participants must demonstrate the direct benefits to students.


Each grant application should include:

  • A brief explanation of the proposed project, which should align directly with the school's Trust Land goals and expected learning outcomes. It should also include a description of the targeted student population (grade level, subject, number of students affected, etc.)

  • The evaluation method that will be used for measuring student achievement toward these goals

  • A plan to sustain and extend these instructional practices beyond the grant

Collaboration in PLC teams in encouraged, but collaboration is not limited to teachers within a single school.



  • Mid-size grants (up to $5,000) for Modification of current instructional practices (significant lesson redesign).

  • Large grants (ranging from $5,001-$10,000) for Redefining PLC pedagogy through the use of the technology (creation of NEW instructional practices).

PI grants are not for simple augmentation or substitution of current instructional practices, as defined the SAMR model.


  • August 20 - Letter of Intent - DUE
  • September 5th  (5:00 pm) - Application - DUE
  • Sept  15 - 19 - Proposal Review
  • Sept  23 -  Grants Awarded
  • Oct 14-16 - Monthly PI Grantees meetings begin
  • Nov - Dec - Jan - Feb - March - April  - Cohort Meetings (TBA)
  • May - Final Projects/Reports Due (TBA)

Expectations of Grant Recipients

Because these are "matching" grants,  ALL Proposals MUST include email verification from both the school PRINCIPAL/ADMINISTRATION indicating support for the project AND the Onsite Tech verifying the feasibility of the proposal.  Alternative sources of matching funds (ASD Foundation, additional grants, etc.) should also be indicated in the grant application.

ALL Award recipients commit to "FULL PARTICIPATION" which means:

  • Attend seven monthly cohort meetings (October - April, 2hrs each) for the purpose of collaboration/sharing project findings & instructional “best practices”.  These are usually held the third week of each month, 3:50 pm to 5:50 pm - Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings.

  • Prepare/share a final "Showcase presentation" that clearly demonstrates the outcomes of  the project.

Showcase presentations MUST answer three fundamental questions:

  • How did the project CHANGE instructional practice in the classroom?
  • How did the project effect student learning/achievement?
  • What were the "best Practices" learned: What worked, what did not work, and what would you do differently if you had to do it again?

Budget TEMPLATE Download

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.56.29 PM
  1. Open this BUDGET Template  Google doc.
  2. FILE =>... Select "Make a Copy"...
  3. RENAME  YOUR COPY by adding "- <your school/project> to the title of the document AND  the names of all project participants to the first cell of the spreadsheet.

Budget UPLOAD/LINK to Grant Application

Screen Shot 2014-07-23 at 2.56.42 PM

  1. Use the  SHARE button,
  2. "Change" =>  "Who has access..."
  3. Select the "People at Alpine School District with the link"  radio button...
  4. "SAVE"
  5. COPY the SHARE URL listed...
  6. PASTE the link into the Application form
If you would like to look at a  SAMPLE BUDGET, you can CLICK HERE.

Budget Restrictions

Budget items may include such items as:

  • hardware/equipment specifically related to the success of the proposed project
  • teacher staff development specifically related to the project
  • instructional materials and supplies
  • software/website/app fees

Pedagogical Innovator Awards are NOT intended to cover:

  • additional salary, stipend, or payment for time spent on the project
  • food, meals, snacks


PI Grant proposals will be evaluated based on sound pedagogical practices, effect on student learning,  technical feasibility, and clarity of communication in the proposal itself.

  • Sound Pedagogical Practices: Project must clearly tie in with school's goals for grade/subject content, effective pedagogy and intended learning outcomes. (30%)
  • Effect on Student Learning: Each proposal must collect data;  baseline, monitoring, evaluating, and documenting the project's effect on student learning (30%)
  • Technical Feasibility: An assessment that the proposal will work within the local school infrastructure/culture as presented. (15%)
  • Clarity of Communication: Projects must adhere to the entry guidelines, be professionally written, have facts and data clearly organized, and communicate the intent and outcomes clearly. Provides a well-defined budget. (10%)
  • Creativity/Innovation:  An assessment of the proposed solution's uniqueness, imagination, problem-solving techniques and the potential impact of the solution on the local community council. (15%)

Grant Approval Process

In the event that ASD receives a large number of grants, a second round of proposal reviews will be used to select the final grants. Those selected will be invited to present a short oral argument (15 min) for final funding of their proposal. Alpine School District reserves the right to partially fund some proposals, or work with applicants to re-work certain aspects of their proposals.


$10,000 to support an action research project to exploring the extent to which Google Docs/iOS or Android apps (or other free tools) can be used for productivity and collaboration between classes/subjects.

$6,000 to purchase two 3D printers, and then collaborate with students at another school on mechanical design principles.


$5,000 for three teams of middle school students to investigate the “real world” use of tablets in a junior high foreign language class.

$3,000 to purchase renewable energy lab kits which include a miniature wind turbine, solar photovoltaic panel, an electrolyzer, a fuel cell, and hydrogen storage system for students to explore energy principles.  Engage students in a variety of labs and share the results on a school website.

Applicants may submit multiple proposals: For example, an applicant may be part of a PLC team Redefinition grant and submit their own Modification mid-size grant. However, each proposal requires the completion of a separate Application.

Thanks to all of the Teachers who took the time to apply for this years awards...

Winners will be announced September 23, 2014 by 5:00 pm