3-6 Keyboarding & Writing

Keyboarding Instruction

Keyboarding Websites

Key Concepts

1. 3-6 Keyboarding and Writing

a. Students will learn the keys of the keyboard and demonstrate proper touch typing using correct fingers.
b. Students will learn and demonstrate proper keyboarding technique (Perfect 8 Technique).
c. Students will learn finger families as part of their keyboarding instruction.
d. Students will drill with frequency words to improve keyboarding speed and typing vocabulary.
e. Students will pass off the alphabet in 5th and 6th grade without looking at their hands, using correct fingers.
f. Students will work to achieve grade level WPM speeds and build accuracy through drill and practice.                    (3rd – 15wpm; 4th – 20wpm; 5th – 25wpm; 6th – 27wpm; Jr. High – 35wpm)
g. It is recommended that Dancemat Typing be used for 3rd Grade, Typing Club for 4th Grade, and Typing.com for     5th and 6th Grade as supplementary practice material.
h. Students will use correct keyboard fingering and technique while completing a variety of writing projects.