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Digital Learning
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Welcome to Digital Learning

The purpose of this website is to provide a space to connect, curate resources, and collaborate with teachers.  It’s a place to share learning and provide opportunities for professional growth.  Our students are growing up in a world that has been changed by technology, and our goal is to prepare them for college and for jobs that don’t even exist today. In an article on “Powerful Learning,” Linda Darling-Hammond and Brigid Barron conclude that “Students must learn how to learn, while responding to endlessly changing technologies and social, economic, and global conditions.  Students learn more deeply if they have engaged in activities that require applying classroom-gathered knowledge to real-world problems.”  (Barron)   In our blog (“Crucial Connections“) and on this website, we’ll explore ways to effectively integrate technology with research-based pedagogy.  We’ll be sharing the incredible work that teachers in our district and around the world are doing.  And, we’ll be learning together.

Quick Links

Simple K-12: A Teacher Learning Community

ISTE Standards for Teachers

Free Tech for Teachers

Digital Learning Day

March 13, 2015 is Digital Learning Day. The purpose of this day is to showcase innovative teachers and classroom practices that are improving student outcomes.

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Mission Statement

We support the professional growth of teachers and administrators by participating in a connected learning community that focuses on engaging all students to achieve at their highest level.

What We Do

We create professional learning opportunities that support teachers as they integrate technology and instruction. We explore tools that can help teachers meet Core standards and prepare students for their futures.

Our Team
I’m the new K-12 Tech Integration Coach for Alpine School District. I’m passionate about learning and about how the digital age affects teaching and learning.

Area of Focus: Lead Learner and K-12 Ed Tech Support

Contact Me:  (801) 610-8473


I’m a Curriculum Specialist for Alpine School District. My latest passion is helping teachers and children learn through global connections.

Area of Focus: K-6 Curriculum and K-12 Ed Tech Support

Contact Me:  (801) 610-8496



Image Source:  A slide from Will Richardson’s  NHASCD workshop on  April 4, 2014

Engaging today’s digital learners is a key challenge facing all teachers today, and it was a theme at the Learning and the Brain Conference. Keynote speakers Will Richardson and Marc Prenksy had much to share about the transformation that’s necessary in today’s classrooms because of technology’s influence. Richardson, who promotes a “learning first, teaching second” philosophy, “called for schools to adapt to a newly connected world.” He went on to say that,”Using technology for self-directed learning ‘is not an option—this is not whole language or new math—this is here to stay’.”  Teachers “need to model the process of learning for students and show them what intrinsic motivation and curiosity and creativity look like.” Marc Prensky stated that “The main way today’s kids understand the world is through technology” and the teacher’s role is to “give students what technology can’t — motivation, respect, empathy, and passion.” (“Rethinking Teacher Roles in a Networked World“)

So what does digital age teaching and learning look like? How can technology be seamlessly integrated so that it’s not about the tool, it’s about the learning? One of the strengths of Alpine School District is found in the collaborative nature of PLC’s. Together, that “collective wisdom” will help us answer these questions and others as well as discovering the best ways to engage our students. Creating connected learning communities will be a key focus of this site, so welcome to the adventure!




GAFESince Alpine School District is a Google for Educators (GAFE) district, it makes sense to utilize all the many tools that it offers.   Whether it’s using Google Drive for collaborative writing, going paperless in sending out assignments and providing feedback to students using Google Classroom, sharing documents as teams, or creating forms for formative assessments, Google tools serve many critical purposes.

To delve more deeply into each of these, please note that Google has tool tutorials.  Here’s what you can explore:  Docs and Drive, Google Classroom, Sites, Gmail, Google Maps for Education, Digital Literacy for Educators, and YouTube.


Collaboration is a key element in digital learning, and we’d love to harness the collective genius and share what’s working for our kids.  Let us know resources/apps/practices that have engaged kids and promoted deeper learning.

Teacher Resources




Kindles are another tool that can help you engage students in deeper learning. With information and the world at their fingertips, kids can connect, communicate, and create.

Here are some resources to help as you integrate Kindles into your classroom practices:
K-3 Kindle Apps, eBooks, and Teacher Tools

One of the main purposes for the Kindles is to use RAZ Kids and Reading A-Z.

Reading A-Z

Some of the highlights from the May and June trainings were the Paired Books (nonfiction/fiction; fiction/fiction same topic different points of view; non-fiction/non-fiction), Visual Devices (charts, labels, schedules, Venn Diagrams,etc.), and Core-aligned lesson plans by standard and grade level.

The purpose of Talkin’ Tech is to have conversations about tools, hardware, and apps that can enhance instruction and serve a specific purpose.   Technology, by itself, is not the answer, but combined with solid pedagogy and content knowledge, it can help to extend the learning, teach core curriculum standards, and engage students with the tools they’ll need to know how to use effectively.

Here’s what we’ve been talking about in the Curriculum Department:


Genius Hour: