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Digital Learning Day

March 13, 2015 is Digital Learning Day. The purpose of this day is to showcase innovative teachers and classroom practices that are improving student outcomes.

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Four Freedom Teachers Flip Out to Help Students Succeed

Remember those nights you sat at the kitchen table, trying to finish your math homework, but you just couldn’t remember how to do the problems? Four teachers at Freedom Elementary are flipping their math instruction so that doesn’t happen to their students. In a flipped lesson, the hard stuff happens in class and the easy stuff goes home. Here’s how …

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PBL Addition to RAZ Kids

One of the newest additions to Reading A-Z is the Project-Based Learning Packs.  These lessons integrate curriculum with those crucial skills like creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication.  Each grade level (2-5) has five lessons.  Check them out and share with our learning community about what you discovered and how these units compared to previous ones.  Use a driving question …

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Visual Learning

John Hattie’s work has been influential.  Here are some of his findings:  Influences and Effect Sizes

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